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  • Psycho-educational

    A psycho-educational assessment will identify the strengths and barriers that impact your academic functioning. If you’re experiencing difficulty in your studies, a psycho-educational assessment may help you obtain academic accommodations, supports, and treatment.


    A psycho-vocational assessment will identify the strengths and barriers that impact your occupational functioning. If you’re experiencing difficulty in your employment or difficulty obtaining employment, a psycho-vocational assessment may help you secure a stable income, find suitable employment, and/or obtain workplace accommodations.


    A psychodiagnostic assessment is conducted to determine whether you meet criterion for a mental health related disorder that may be impacting your ability to function within the social, occupational, academic, or personal domains. A psychodiagnostic assessment may assist in identifying functional challenges, guiding your treatment, and/or obtaining accommodations.


    Forensic assessments are typically ordered by the court, whereby mental health practitioners are asked to evaluate an individual’s competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and/or risk of recidivism.


    Our approach to assessment involves a good understanding of the referral question and a systematic review of existing file information. Stemming from these efforts is a structured and individualized clinical intake interview. Depending on the requirements of the assessment, psychometric instruments are likely to be used. The practice relies on well-validated tests that have normative data from which to compare the results. We are mindful of research that points to the possible therapeutic value of psychological assessments in and of themselves.

    Getting Started

    Our intake process is designed to ensure that you are placed with the clinician that will best suit your needs. If you would like to initiate services, please contact our office to complete a brief telephone intake.