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  • A Collaborative Practice

    Beginning as a one-person practice, our team has grown to a dedicated and well-rounded team of clinicians and administrative staff. As a collaborative practice, we have multiple autonomous clinicians working together with a variety of skills and interests. We utilize clinical collaboration and take pride in working together as a team in order to best serve our community. From providing services in many languages (English, French, Hungarian), individual and couples therapy, and completing assessments; we strive to incorporate many areas of clinical practice within one space. We also collaborate with local organizations, WSIB, NIHB, and community partners to ensure that we can serve to a wide variety of persons and spectrum of mental health issues. Our practice has also become a hub for clinical training and research for several graduate students, interns, and postdocs within and surrounding Sudbury, Ontario. We maintain an active research agenda with a particular focus on workplace mental health.

    Awakening Human Potential

    Our practice finds inspiration from humanistic psychology, which focuses on individual potential and stresses the importance of growth and self-actualization. Positive psychology, the study of strengths and virtues that allow individuals and communities to thrive, also motivates our work. Our vision statement, awakening human potential, underlines our approach to intervention and guides our day-to-day work with clients and organizations. Equally important to us is ensuring that all our efforts, whether in the context of assessment or treatment, are based on scientific evidence and guided by professional and ethical guidelines. We hold the following values for the practice and strive for their attainment:

    1. Evidence: We ensure there is science behind all that we do.
    2. Ethics: What we do is consistent with legislation, standards of practice and guidelines in the best interest of our clients.
    3. Effort: We work hard for our clients, for our personal growth, for each other, for the success of the practice and our profession.
    4. Excellence: We are sought out for the quality and timeliness of our work.
    5. Empathy: We work toward seeing the world through the lens of others.
    6. Engagement: We are committed to learning, adapting, and contributing.
    7. Equilibrium: We seek balance between work and the rest of our lives.

    *These are affectionately known as our ‘seven ees’

    Therapeutic Intervention

    Our theoretical orientation is largely cognitive and behavioural. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) targets the actions (behaviour) and thoughts (cognition) that can precipitate and maintain mental health problems. The supportive therapeutic approach helps to create a safe and supportive environment that can facilitate personal change and growth. It assumes that people are naturally inclined toward maximizing their potential and that the therapists primary role is to assist with this process.

    Getting Started

    Our intake process is designed to ensure that you are placed with the clinician that will best suit your needs. If you would like to initiate services, please contact our office to complete a brief telephone intake.